Selecting a Baby Gate for Your Home


Baby Gates detail 

When you buy a protective barrier to safeguard your child, you will place the gate across a doorway or between a stair railing and a wall to prevent your child from entering dangerous areas in your home. If your home contains stairs, then you’ll need to block them until your child is ready to navigate them safely. Be sure to measure the height and width of the area that you need to block before you purchase a gate. Also, keep in mind that to secure some spaces, you may need to install a permanent device while other areas will be safer with a portable gate.


About Portable and Permanent Gates 

Once you decide to add gates to your home, you’ll need to select a portable or a permanent device. A portable gate is pressure-mounted. Furthermore, you can adjust it to fit varying wall widths. When you decide to install a permanent gate, you will be fastening screws into your home’s walls or stair posts. The gate’s location will determine the type of unit that you should buy. For instance, if you are installing a gate at the top of your stairs, then you’ll need a permanent gate while a portable unit blocks young children from specific rooms. Portable gates are also safe to place at the bottom of your staircase.

Be sure to check the width of your stairs before you buy a gate as regular gates are fine for traditionally sized stairs, but if your staircase is a wider size, then you’ll need to purchase a gate that extends. Before bringing your safety device home, check the unit for sharp edges and overall strength.


Top Ten Baby Gates

The top ten safety gates include units manufactured by The First Years, Evenflo and KidCo along with Dreambaby and Summer Infant.



The First Years Hands Free Gate is a pressure-mounted device that is ideal for your home’s interior doorways. It is easy to move to different areas of your home. However, do not place it at the top of your stairs. Several consumer reports recommend the gate because of its extension kit and foot operated latch.   

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When you need to install a permanent gate, consider purchasing the Kidco Safeway white 2000The kit includes the equipment that you’ll need to install the gate. In addition, the style is best for the top of your stairs. Parent reviews of the product are positive as they state that it easily withstood abuse by determined toddlers.

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Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate is an affordable pressure-mounted device that will keep your walls free of marks and drill holes. The gate’s material is fabric, and as a result, it is lightweight and easy to install. Furthermore, the safety unit’s panel discourages climbing by adventurous toddlers.

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You may consider buying the Dream Baby Swing Close Security Gate for stairs with wider openings as the safety device includes extensions. You can choose between a white or black gate. In addition, the unit is pressure-mounted and opens in both directions.

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Summer Infant Sure And Secure Custom Fit Gate will help you keep your child away from unsafe areas that feature unusual openings. The safety gate swings in both directions for added convenience. Also, the company includes the hardware needed for its installation.

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When you purchase the Dream Baby Swing Close Security Gateyou’ll have a handy safety device that closes automatically. You’ll be especially grateful for the gate when you are carrying an item. It is available in black or white.

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If you have a determined toddler who is a climber, then you’ll appreciate the added height of the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. The company builds the safety device from steel to ensure its durability. Furthermore, you can expand it to fit in spaces that measure up to 53 inches wide. It also features a squeeze latch that you’ll be able to operate easily.

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With The First Years Everywhere Gate, you’ll have a device that is made from material that will discourage your child from climbing. In addition, the gate features hard white plastic that your child is unable to see through. Therefore, he or she is less likely to be tempted by the space on the gate’s other side. You can install it with hardware or mount the device with pressure.

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The Custom Fit KidCo Configure GateCustom is another safety unit to consider when you need to block an unusually shaped area. The design is ideal for doorways that lack parallel mounting sections.

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When you want your new safety gate to blend stylistically with your home, you can buy the Evenflo Home Decor Wood GateThe mechanism opens easily, and you’ll appreciate its automatic latch system.

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Finding the Best Baby Gate for Your Family 

While shopping for a safety gate, consider where you’ll be installing it. If the location is in a high traffic area, then be sure to buy a device that opens wide and in both directions to ensure convenient access. Also, don’t buy a gate with horizontal bars as children may try to climb it. In addition, avoid bringing home an accordion style unit because they pose a strangling danger to your child. After you select a gate, check for recalls. Consider purchasing a device that includes a convenient latch system. For instance, a foot pedal is advantageous when your hands are full. A gate that closes automatically is also beneficial as this feature will ensure that the gate remains closed.



A safety gate will help you protect your child from falls and the unsafe areas in your home. It will also give you peace of mind.


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