Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

If you’re expecting a new baby boy, your world of nursery decor isn’t just limited to the color blue!  There are many baby boy nursery ideas on the market that incorporate a wider range of complimentary colors and themes that extend beyond the basic baby boy blue.

Patterns have become popular in recent months and can be coordinated in both vibrant and pastel colors.  Plaids, argyle, and chevron are trendy options that can be customized in proportion to the size of your nursery.  The pattern doesn’t have to dominate every piece of decor in the room – a few accent pillows or a patterned crib bumper or crib skirt can add a nice visual effect to basic solid color pieces.  A pattern theme can grow with your little one and be added to as he gets older to update the look.

Animals have been a long standing option but now have an updated look.  Many vintage patterns have resurfaced with a modern twist, such as circus themes and toile.  Muted cool or warm colors are incorporated with the classic designs and can add detail to crib quilts and bedding.  Bringing the environment into an animal theme can give a lot of flexibility to your design ideas.  An example would be to add rain forest greenery, such as fruit trees and lakes and rivers into a jungle animal theme. Landscape patterns can also be stenciled onto walls or ceilings for a custom look.

Sports themed baby boy nursery ideas are abundant and a popular standard for boys, but it isn’t just limited to the sport itself.  Dads with special attachments to college or professional teams can now find logo items in a large range of products, including crib mobiles, baby gear, bedding, and travel accessories.  The team logo can be incorporated with the team colors and equipment to make an attractive nursery.  For example, the LSU tigers of Baton Rouge boast Mike the Tiger as their mascot.  A nursery for an LSU fan could include purple and gold decor that reflects the team colors, as well as stuffed tigers to honor the team’s mascot.  Footballs or baseballs can be added in as well to tie the complete look together.

Monograms have been around for hundreds of years and have recently had a resurgence in popularity.  Monograms can consist of just a single first name initial or a combination of all three initials of the baby’s first, middle, and last name.  These monograms can be embroidered onto solid color pieces such as pillows or bumper pads for a simple yet elegant look.  Contrasting thread colors, such as navy and white or black and red, can give your baby extra visual stimulation when used in the crib decor.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate unique and interesting pieces into your baby boy’s nursery.  Many items can be used safely if they are anchored to walls or kept out of the baby’s reach.  For example, a sports themed baby room can include balls, mitts, gloves, or other various sporting equipment as focal pieces on the walls or when displayed on shelves.  A pattern themed room can have vibrant quilts or blankets displayed on large walls to tie the theme of the room together nicely.  These items can be heirlooms, things that are passed down from father to son, or thrift store finds.

As you can see, there are many themes and ideas that can be used to decorate your new little boy’s nursery.  With careful planning and a little bit of artistic flair and originality, you can create a themed nursery that can grow with your little one throughout boyhood and beyond.