Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

One of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, is when they find out that a little princess will be joining the family. Prior to her arrival home, Mom and Dad can start getting prepared early with some wonderful baby girl nursery ideas that will ensure that when she comes home, every touch will be exactly what she deserves.

    • Painting the Nursery

It is very easy to select colors that will work for a baby’s nursery. For a unique look that she will enjoy through her early years, tape off portions of the wall using thin strips of painter’s tape, dividing each section of the wall into it’s own panel. Using different shades of pink, lavender, and purple this will add a visually appealing initial style to the baby girl’s nursery. Also, painting the ceiling a soft color and adding clouds and adhesive glow in the dark moons and stars, helps the little one begin to use their newborn eyes to focus on specific objects.

    • Carpeting the Nursery

Another important thing to remember when reviewing baby girl nursery ideas, is carpeting textures. Thick, shag carpeting can be both a blessing and a curse. Before your little lady is crawling around, it acts as a soft surface she can’t hurt herself on or get carpet burn from playing. Once she becomes bi-pedal, spills and spit ups make the thicker carpeting more difficult to keep clean. A good rule of thumb, is to be happy-medium in the texture. Not too tough, but not too thick or soft either. You want her little feet to be warm and protected on her floor’s surface. If your home and the baby’s nursery has hardwood floors, there are many different types of themed area rugs that can be strategically placed to make the nursery feel warmer and more inviting, while cutting down the echoes of certain cries throughout the night.

    • Theming the Nursery

Parents prior to the arrival of the newborn daughter love to choose a theme that will be the trademark of their newest family member. It wasn’t that long ago, that framed prints, wooden and metal plaques, and decorative shelving was about as detailed as someone could get. With the invention of removeable latex decals, couples can constantly change around the decorative themes for their little girl as her likes and interests change, as well as saving future patch work jobs on nursery walls. The latex decals do not have adhesive on them, but apply easily and smoothly to walls, and don’t remove paint upon future removal or repositioning. Almost every popular character and design is available, from Minnie Mouse to My Little Pony, to more generic decor such as fairies or butterflies. If there is a favorite image parents enjoy, some vendors can create personalized latex decorations, such as an alternate spelling to a child’s name.

    • Furnishing the Nursery

Once the paint has been applied, the flooring has been decided, and a theme has been applied, it’s now time to decide what type of furniture should go into the baby’s nursery. A mainstay to help sleep deprived Mommies who are breastfeeding is a well cushioned rocking chair and ottoman. This makes it easy for Mom during the frantic feeding schedule that newborns require when they first come home. A changing table for those dirty diapers, and of course a dresser or two for all of the baby’s new clothes. Accessory items to consider include a diaper bucket, baby wipe warmers, and a soft night light. Last but not least is a high quality crib, with a bumper and mobile to soothe your baby into sweet dreams.