How To Choose The Proper Baby Stroller

Most parents add a stroller to their list of must-have baby gear. This essential tool makes life quite a bit easier until your sweet bundle of joy can walk a good distance on his or her own.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a stroller. Is it comfortable and spacious? Will it easily maneuver in all of the spaces you wish to use it? Is it appropriate for the size and age of the child who will be riding in it? By researching the types of baby strollers available before purchasing one, you can ensure that you will select a stroller that meets both yours and baby’s needs.


Types Of Strollers

There are basic strollers, lightweight strollers, baby strollers that safely carry car seats, and strollers for multiple children. How do you know which is right for you? Read on to find out more about the available types of strollers, so you can make an informed decision before you make this important purchase.


Standard Strollers

Standard Strollers are the type parents have looked to for ease and convenience for years. These strollers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. They consistently have comfortable seating for children. Parents can choose from simple and inexpensive models to higher-quality strollers that have many different, convenient features. Standard strollers are usually the first type of stroller a parent will use, as they are available for babies and toddlers of all ages.


Jogging Strollers

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that pushes smoothly on many different types of terrain, a jogging stroller is the one for you. Ideal for longer walks, hikes, and runs, a jogger has three wheels, usually with some traction, that provides a smooth ride for baby and easy pushing for you. Jogging strollers are made for babies over 6 months of age. If a parent wants to use a jogger before the baby meets the weight/age limits, there may be special parts that can be purchased from the manufacturer to make the jogging stroller safe for a younger baby, such as a car seat adapter, carry cot, or stroller bassinet.


Travel Systems and Car Seat Frames

Strollers that allow for the attachment of car seats can be extremely handy for parents on the go. Instead of removing the baby from the car seat only to fasten them in the stroller, travel systems and strollers with car seat frames provide an easy transition. Travel systems often come in matching sets, a perk many parents enjoy. Car seat frames are light metal frames that work with specific car seats and fold up easily to fit in the trunk of your car with the stroller.

While car seat frame strollers are ideal for babies from newborn up to 25 pounds, when they typically outgrow their infant car seats, travel systems can be used as a standard stroller by simply not attaching the car seat. The only “con” regarding travel systems is their size and heft.


Lightweight Strollers

For parents who want an easy to fold and open small stroller that is ideal for travel, lightweight umbrella strollers are a must have. Commonly used as a back-up stroller to a larger, more supportive model, umbrella strollers weigh about 12 pounds and fold up compactly to take up minimal space in cargo. Umbrella strollers are usually made to carry toddlers. These strollers are inexpensive and convenient, but do not offer safe reclining options or head support for infants.


Strollers for Multiple Children

Whether you choose a side-by-side model or a tandem stroller (seats in a line, one behind the other), double and triple strollers can be a blessing for parents with twins, triplets, or multiple small, stroller age children. Tandem style strollers are the best option for a parent that will need to maneuver the stroller through smaller places, but side-by-side strollers provide children with equal legroom. Some standard strollers offer the option to install a platform on to the back that is perfect for an older sibling to stand on.


How To Choose The Right Stroller For You And Baby

When looking at options for baby strollers, parents often take safety, maneuverability, and ease of use into consideration. The first step to finding the right stroller is to make sure that the baby strollers you are looking at are appropriate for the age of the child that will be riding in them.

Next, find out if the strollers will be usable in the environments you plan to use them. If you plan to use them in shops or busy urban areas, a slimmer stroller is the best option. Be sure the tires on the stroller are made for the particular terrain you intend to travel.

Lastly, make sure you purchase a stroller that is easy to open, fold, and store. By looking for a safe and easy to use stroller, you and baby will be able to enjoy big and little trips to anywhere you choose to go!